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Anaconda / Deer Lodge

CP800 & CP820

Monitoring influent and effluent flows

Phase 1 for this client was to monitor the influent and effluent flows at the lagoons along with the runtime hours on three center pivots. To accomplish this Affordable SCADA provided two CP800s for communications directly to Badger flow meters and three CP820s to monitor when the pivots are running.

All five units communicate over a secure M2M Network back to Affordable SCADA’s hosted HMI. All data is logged every 15 minutes to a historical database on the hosted server. The data is easily accessed for online monitoring or exporting in a CSV format for further analysis and reporting.

Products Used – CP800 & CP820

Operator Interface – Samsung Galaxy tablet at the treatment plant and a desktop computer at the engineer’s office

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Project Testimonial

With Affordable SCADA’s system installed “I can sit in my office 30 miles from the control room and download all the data I need to file the required DEQ reports. And I can do this while the operator is viewing the information he needs at the same time. It’s a great system.”
– Ed Janney P.E., DOWL HKM Engineers in reference to the City of Anaconda Wastewater System