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City of Red Lodge


Retro-fit for existing control panels

Red Lodge had an existing UHF based telemetry SCADA system that was driving them nuts. Any type of weather event seemed to take the system down which meant the operators would have to take time to see where the problem existed or call in their integrator from out of state – all expensive options. They decided they needed to look at an upgrade and called Affordable SCADA to get an opinion.

The infrastructure to be controlled consisted of two wells and two tanks at one location, one well and tank at another location, and one PRV at a third location. After review of the system documentation, we recommended retro-fitting their existing control panels with Affordable SCADA’s CP820 controllers and M2M communications to a hosted HMI. On the front-end, we recommended Samsung Galaxy tablets for the operators to interface with the system and a desktop computer at the City Shop.
The first phase was implemented in 2014 and the second phase, which consisted of a lift station, was implemented in 2015. Phases 3 & 4 are in the planning stages.

Products Used – CP820
Operator Interface – Roaming Samsung Galaxy tablets and a desktop computer at the City Shop

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Project Testimonial

Since Affordable SCADA was installed in July of 2014 “we have not incurred any overtime callouts due to the SCADA system. In fact, our operators control the entire system from wherever they are, using Samsung Galaxy tablets. They love it! We have already implemented Phase 2 of our system and we continue to reap the savings.”
– Jim Bushnell, Director of Public Works, Red Lodge, MT