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City of Townsend

CP700, CP820 & CP850

Three-phase implementation to replace failing SCADA system on a budget

The City of Townsend was faced with a failing SCADA system and needed to move on getting it replaced. However, just like most small municipalities, they were operating with limited funds. The infrastructure that needed to be tied in consisted of one tank, three wells, and one lift station. In working with their operations personnel, it was decided to implement a new system in phases, addressing the most critical first.

In Phase 1, a custom CP700 was designed to cover well 1 and the tank location. In Phase 2, Affordable SCADA provided two CP820s for wells 2 and 3. And in Phase 3, a CP850 will be used to handle the three-pump lift station. To ease the budget hit, the three phases were implemented over a two-year period.

Products Used – CP700, CP820 & CP850

Operator Interface – Roaming Samsung Galaxy tablet & a desktop computer at the City Shop

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Project Testimonial

“We are using Industrial Automation Consulting to implement our Affordable SCADA system and it is great. Phase 1 consisted of one well and our tank. After working through a couple start-up issues it has been solid. We have since implemented Phase 2 which added the other two wells and now we are moving to Phase 3, our lift station.”
– Tim Rauser, Public Works Director