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Machine-To- Machine

Easily expandable network and HMI

The CP800, bundled with Affordable SCADA’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Network and hosted HMI, provides easy, remote access to intelligent devices out in the field. This connection brings real-time and historical data to you through virtually any browser.

With this complete package, communication paths and HMI tag counts are no longer an issue. The network and HMI are easily expandable, allowing for a system to be implemented in phases over time and grow as the infrastructure demands grow.

Product Features
• Remote Support & Troubleshooting
• Zero Maintenance Hosted HMI
• Factory Pre-Wired and Tested
• UL Listed Components
• Surge Protected
• Backup Battery Power/Optional Solar
• Ethernet Communications
• RS-232 Capable
• Standard Off the Shelf components